Guest Players are used to help field a team and are not a mechanism to enhance the competitive balance of a team.

For leagues, teams are allowed unlimited numbers of guest players. Players who guest play in leagues can also, guest play in tournaments with overlapping dates

Players that are NOT on a current season USSSA roster will NOT be eligible as a Guest Player.

Anyone that is not on a current USSSA roster simply can be added to your team roster to be eligible.

Guest Players are only eligible to participate as a Guest Player for one team at a time.

Players will be blocked from being used as a Guest Player for an additional team for the duration of their guest playing event (Start Date to End Date).

If a Guest Player’s original team registers for an event after being approved as a guest player,

the player will be deleted as a guest player and the Original Team will be required to de-activate the player before the player can be used as a guest player.

If the Pick-Up Team moves divisions and moves to a division that would deem the Guest Player illegal, the player will be removed.




Guest Player Eligibility is determined by the Age/Class of the Division the team is ENTERED into for an event.